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Director/Choreographer Reel
BC Beat - Choreographer
Doctor Zhivago- Associate Choreographer
Bountiful - Choreographer
Queen of The Night- Associate Choreographer
Queen of The Night on CNN- Resident Director


Violet - Playmakers Repertory Company - Director / Choreographer

“Violet is a stunner of a musical...a real treat” -


Stunning... The story was compelling, the technical aspects blended well with the performance, and the voices were consistently beautiful.”


Wonderful and compelling…(and) well worth seeing.” -



Guys & Dolls - Playmakers Repertory Company - Choreographer / Associate Director

“Guys and Dolls a near perfect success” -


“The show’s choreography is consistently top-notch, and acutely spatially aware. It would be very easy for the massive stage and glamorous hanging lights to swallow up the actors, but Steffens spreads his dancers across New York and is sure to keep them busy. As if the sheer scale of the dance numbers didn’t suffice, more than a few acrobatic maneuvers elicited excited gasps from the crowd.” -


“Guys and Dolls is a delight….You can get lucky yourself with this show tonight through Sunday, and again next weekend.”  -


“This breaking down of the fourth wall, paired with soaring musical numbers, energetic choreography...inject the play with life in every scene.” -


Matthew Steffens’ choreography (is) really charming” -


“Broadway choreographer Matthew Steffens dynamically leads groups ranging from several to 25 or more dancers through complex and exciting routines, using every inch of space, including two of the stairway aisles, which are filled a couple of times with folks spilling up and down them.” -




BOUNTIFUL - REVOLUCION LATINA - Choreographer / Associate Director

“Bountiful reached out and grabbed me from the start when I distinctly heard my heart beat and felt myself breathe to life.” -

“It is notable to point out that R.Evolucion Latina and those working in this festival do so truly out of their love of dance and their belief of connecting with others through the power of art...So it is a privilege to receive such a gift, if I were you, I'd take it and share it. And bring along those presidential candidates, they need to see Bountiful the most.” -

“(The) choreographer has masterfully communicated they're small chapter of that teacher's journey through their individuality and passion...” -



Pretty Hunger
Queen of The Night
Guys and Dolls
Doctor Zhivago
Princess Butterfly
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